do you ever have those days when nothing you do makes any sense? well, i do. for instance, today. i unnecessarily got to work 30 minutes early. i cooked lunch at home, put it in the fridge, and went to lunch with my sister.¬† i got back in my pajamas at a whopping 1:30 in the afternoon. i put on two different socks (both of their mates now rest in the mysterious sock graveyard somewhere in dryerland. no one knows quite where it is located.) and to top it all off, i just drank a cup of coffee at 5:00. uh, what? now i can stay up until 1:00 finishing this afternoon’s activities i.e. reading blogs and pondering the idea of starting my 15-page paper ahead of time.

at times like these, i remind myself that albert einstein was messy and disorganized. so being a little disheveled just means i’m a genius, right? naaaah.


as i just commented on my sister’s blog, i was reminded of how much i am entertained by internet security words such as the one i had to type in order to post my comment. for one, they are always ridiculous invented words like “reesical” or “blectine.” and two, i like to think¬† they are useful because computer hackers can’t read. okay okay, i know in the back of my mind that they must pose some kind of problem to hackers that my binary code-illiterate mind cannot begin to comprehend. but isn’t in more fun to imagine some computer nerd typing 10010011011 for hours and, upon encountering a security word, screaming, “whoa whoaaaa. letters? i did NOT sign up for THIS. you got me this time, internet.” i can only assume that this situation plays out daily in basements across the country.


one of the best things about being back in the deep south for grad school is that i can now take weekend roadtrips to a whole new set of places that were unrealistically far from chapel hill.

so check ya later, kids. i’m off to mardi gras!


i have officially decided that the way i look in the bathroom mirrors at school is not the way i actually look. these “trick” mirrors, as i call them, take how you really look and darken the circles under your eyes, highlight any grey hair, and add the occasional wrinkle. good thing i’m on to their games, or else washing my hands would be super depressing.

i doubt anyone else has noticed this trend, but my blog posts become much more regular around exam time. procrastination at its finest.


i’m sure i’ve already showed this website to 90% of the people who read my blog, but in case you haven’t seen it, READ IT NOW. it’s so great, i read literally every entry in one day. a true internet gem. enjoy!


marriage vs. money

Some Say Marriage Matters, But My Brother Says Big Bucks Matter More.”

whoever wrote this little mnemonic device about the cranial nerves obviously doesn’t have his priorities in order. or, at least, his brother doesn’t.

becca (my roommate) and i both have big exams tomorrow. which means that our house is currently filled with the sounds of diligent studying. diligent studying sounds a lot like heavy sighing mixed with the occasional banging of head against the table.

this morning, my roommate and i listened to some bagpipe jams as we got ready for school. what a nice change of pace. for once, instead of thinking, “i wish i didn’t have to go to school today,” i thought, “i wish i didn’t have to go to school today in scotland.” have a good day, laddies.